Change your story to create your dreams

What could your life be today had you taken that risk? Had you had the courage to DO IT – take a leap of faith and try it out?

just that something held you back – and maybe something is holding you back right now?

The good news is that you do not have to wait any longer!

When I look at my life I see so many opportunities that I turned down becuase I was afraid of leaving my comfortzone, I thought I was not the right person, that I didn’t have the ‘stuff’ and so on… I kept telling myself the same story over and over again!

So what is my story?

I grew up believing that I was not good enough – this, unfortunately, is quite a common belief i later found out!

I was told that if I was not able to do something – then I should just stop and never even try because hey, I wasn’t good enough!

Can you imagine what kind of ENORMOUS block that had on me?

Maybe you can even relate to thi – maybe this happened to you too!?

It is a very sad and common story, because parents are projecting their fears and limits onto their children. They just wanted to protect me! They did not know better.

But I do now! And I am certainly doing my very best to not project my own stuff onto my children ( Lets see how that will work out)

My old stories cost me a LOT of opportunities; If somebody asked me the slightest thing I would turn it down and crush it IMMEDIETLY!

Now this happened up until I was a grown woman where opportunies would actually become really important.

I was afraid of talking to new people – can you imagine how I was around the opposite sex? Oooh no – no talking to boys (unless alcohol was involved)

I turned down a teaching opportunity because of my fears.

I will not get in to further details here but – One day I reached the day where I said ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ and turned it around – I changed my story – into something that was actually WORKING for me, pushing me and keeping me confident!

I decided that i would take EVERY opportunity that came my way – and BAM, that is when everything changed for me.

YOU CAN do it! Get out of your HEAD and into your HEART – Change the story that you are telling yourself over and over again. Because THAT is what will come true.

Want the change now? Book your Breakthrough call with my right now and lets start your change today!


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