How to change your mindset

Your success is 80% Mindset & 20% Strategy


Your mindset determines what you can do!

Or in other words:
You are what you think! And you can do what you think you can do.

Read that again …

If your mindset is not in the right place – you can be as organized as you want, but if your belief is that you are not good enough or maybe you have hard times asking for money – then your success will get stuck!

So what to do?

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  •  First, be aware of this and see within yourself if you are holding yourself back in your beliefs and mindset..
  •  Write down what your beliefs are – the once that are blocking you. You might believe that ‘I am not able to do this or that’ – think of a time where you actually DID exactly that. If you cannot find an example start TRAINING!
  •  Train yourself to do something new every day – something you thought was hard/ you could not do and so on. Start with small things like: I can’t take a cold shower.
  • People with a ?????? ??????? believe that their abilities can be developed (I learn from feedback, I like to try new things, My mistakes help me grow)
  • People with a ????? ??????? believe that their abilities are fixed (I was born like this, I stick to what I know, I avoid challenges etc.)

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